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Spanish Minimalism

Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona, an interior designer and a ceramicist combine their talent to create a dream-like home studio

This project required a significant amount of imagination to visualise its potential. Situated on the fifth floor of a 1950s-era building in the Clot neighbourhood of the Catalan capital, the 120sqm apartment had immediate appeal, despite its state of disrepair – its natural light. This is clearly what convinced couple Valeria Vasi and Isern Serra to embark on the adventure of transforming the space to make it their own. The journey took four months for these creative minds – Valeria is a ceramist and Isern is an interior designer – to bring their vision to life. After removing walls, the couple reorganised the L-shaped quarters that previously housed an office, transforming it into both their home and studio. 

“The concept was to create a clean and Mediterranean space, as if it were a large, covered terrace”, says Isern. “It is a very architectural project where we took advantage of the change in height of the main area to design a built-in sofa with custom-made cushions, while turning each end of this furniture piece into circular planters.” 

For their first personal project, Valeria and Isern tested ideas and really pushed their imaginations, with no limits aside from their budget. The open plan comprises a kitchen, dining room and living room on the side of the interior patio, which offers quietf. One step leads to what has become Valeria’s area, where she gives free rein to her creativity on a 19th-century table, which faces shelves filled with her ceramic pieces. “It allowed us to differentiate the environments without having to put [up] any walls,” Isern says. In the centre of the apartment, the bathroom — where a large bathtub with a tile finish is the main protagonist — separates the public areas from the more private spaces. 

The minimalist atmosphere that pervades the apartment was achieved using white walls and micro-cement flooring, which also lends a sense of cohesiveness. The overall neutral palette, accented with pops of colour from plants and artworks — the first paintings created by Valeria’s mother, Russian artist Inna Vasilieva — provide a peaceful yet cosy feeling.

It allowed us to differentiate the environments without having to put up any walls

Furnished with a TMM floor lamp by Miguel Milà and a Subeybaja table by Robert Heritage and Roger Webb — both for Santa & Cole — Nuta stools by Lluís Pau for Mobles 114, and Salvador chairs by Miguel Milà from AOO, the spaces also displayed some objects Valeria and Isern have collected throughout the years during their travels around the world (especially on the shelf situated behind the central island in the kitchen area). 

Inspired by Spanish craftsmanship and the work of architect Josep Antoni Coderch, the couple created the perfect mix and match of objects and design pieces while making sure their home would remain uncluttered and serene. With only the essentials (a bed, one chair by Marc Morro and two side tables), the master bedroom, which is softly separated from the rest of the spaces by linen curtains, reflects the beauty of simplicity.

Having finished the project just in time before the pandemic lockdown, Valeria and Isern made the most of the situation, enjoying every moment in their new, peaceful haven.