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London, UK

Roca’s next-generation WC offers innovation and performance to improve bathroom design

in wash in tank

How to improve a sleek bathroom design? Invest in an In-Wash® In-Tank® WC from Spanish sanitaryware producers, Roca. 

Its latest smart WC combines space-saving abilities with state-of-the-art technology. InWash® In Tank® features the water tank integrated in to the bowl, eliminating the need for a separate cistern; this saves between ten and 20cm of space and makes installation and maintenance easier than ever. The new WC offers the same innovation and performance as its predecessor, with a hygienic rimless design combined with Vortex technology that reduces water consumption. Roca has also exclusively developed an additional layer of glazing that creates an ultra-smooth, easy to clean surface.

The true novelty, however, is that In-Wash® In-Tank® offers a fully personalised WC experience. Both the remote control and side panel adjust water and air temperature, and a sensor and LED light can be adjusted to different modes for comfort and control. 

Roca’s sustainability commitment is inherent in its production processes, from reusing excess glazes to waste-management certification for its electrical components; plastic packaging has also been replaced with recyclable cardboard.

All in all, this is a next-generation product that creatively answers modern needs around design, space, functionality and environmental awareness in the WC.

A side panel adjusts water and air temperature
The space-saving design of In Wash® In Tank® means there is no need for a separate cistern