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Pierre Augustin Rose

London, UK

We chat with Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose - the French art dealers cum furniture designers whose recent collaboration with The Invisible Collection is at once earthy and elegant

Sofa 190

D/A UK: Can you discuss the connection between art and design in your work?

Nina Rose: We are endlessly inspired by works of art that have traversed time without becoming obsolete. Our creation is based on this timeless perspective.

D/A UK: How did you come to work together and what do you each bring to the creative partnership?

Nina Rose: It was Augustin that brought the trio together. He previously worked with Pierre curating Galerie Bergère. In our conversations we naturally expressed the desire to draw lines that weren’t obvious. With the knowledge of the manufacturing process and the best craftsmen, we very quickly started to make prototypes that later became our first collection. Each one of us is a singular individual with a peculiar set of skills but our missions and contributions can change on daily a basis – it’s too dynamic to capture.

D/A UK: Tell us about creating something you can’t find? 

Pierre Bénard: The process is based on our unity of vision, which is naturally built by a constant exchange of inspiration drawn from our libraries, magazines, the internet and daily life. Keeping in mind the same stylistic ambitions, we try to listen to each other and rather quickly reach a consensus to explore an idea. A prototype can be reworked tirelessly to achieve the purity of shapes we look for. That’s why we chose to partner with The Invisible Collection – we really identify with the passion, energy and story of the platform, they are defining the contemporary design scene and we admire the risks they take to present new designers and pieces.



Pierre Augustin Rose
Multilaque Duo Tables

D/A UK: Tell us about the profile of the person or people you envision using your pieces, and where they live, what they do.

Augustin Deleuze: Today it’s almost impossible to answer that question- we are overwhelmed by the unique personalities of all the wonderful individuals using our pieces. Our focus is simply aesthetic, accompanied by the urge to constantly reinvent the collection. We hope our designs have a sustainable dynamic in that they can conform with the most radically minimalist interiors as well as the richest, classically decorated apartments. The aim is for our  collection to offer lightness in the most crowded places and bring a highly dense and inhabited aesthetic to the most sober ones.

D/A UK: Describe the collection in less than ten words.

Pierre Bénard: Audacious, timeless, refined, French, classical, balanced, elegant.


New Bauhaus Armchair
Sofa 240