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Paris Pursuits

Paris, France

Amanda and Sébastien Réant, founders of Luteca, just opened their first European flagship with not-to-be-missed furniture by Latin American design masters

The European couple of entrepreneurs behind Luteca had always kept in mind the idea of living between France and the United States, where they launched their brand – in New York City – in 2015. Now, they’ve realized that goal.

“Sébastien is Parisian and I have always had a love affair with the city, so despite living in the U.S. for 20 and 15 years respectively, we had always dreamed that we would live bicoastally eventually,” says U.K.-born Amanda Réant.

When the opportunity for the duo to open their first showroom in the old continent came, the French capital shot directly to the top of their list. “All of our classics designers in Luteca have [a] history or a tie to Paris in some way — Clara Porset studied at the École des Beaux-Art in Paris and Pedro Ramirez Vazquez was actually a finalist for the Grand Louvre project that ultimately ended with I.M.Pei’s glass pyramid design,” says Amanda.

When you walk in, the first thing you notice is how it makes you feel — warm, happy, vibrant.

Officially inaugurated during Paris Art + Design (PAD) on April 6 (following a soft opening in December), this new showroom is the third for Luteca, after New York City and Mexico City. Los Angeles is also on the horizon. While all the spaces showcase and honour iconic 20th-century and contemporary design pieces (by Michael Van Beuren, Jorge Arturo Ibarra and Studio Martes, among others) that revive the rich heritage of Latin America, each one has its own character.

Located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris where luxury textile maisons such as Pierre Frey, Casamance and Brunschwig & Fils are also situated, the Luteca gallery is at the entrance of renowned historic Galerie Vivienne. With its beautiful windows and high ceilings, it comprises a main room with three arches that leads into a raised area two steps higher, while a long corridor down the side connects to a bar where coffee, tea and mezcal are served.

“The space allows you to really experience Luteca,” Amanda says. “When you walk in, the first thing you notice is how it makes you feel — warm, happy, vibrant. It’s cosy yet spacious.”

Aure Delaroiere from MPM Architecture took care of the interior design where soft white and terracotta walls harmonize with a light beige concrete flooring. “We met Aure in Mexico City when she was living there and working with her cousin who is French-Mexican,” remembers Amanda. “When she moved back to Paris it was an obvious choice.”

With its slightly tropical look that visually transports you to another place, this new showroom opens a fascinating window to design pieces where past and present constantly intertwine in an ode to craftsmanship using local materials and techniques combined with a contemporary eye.