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Finding the Flow

Laufen, Switzerland

Marcel Wanders studio fuses neoclassical and contemporary for Laufen Bathroom's The New Classic range

What makes an icon? Thoughtful, carefully crafted design that never goes out of fashion. This was the thinking behind The New Classic, a bathroom collection by Marcel Wanders studio for Laufen. 

Elements including washstands, countertops, baths, toilets, taps and mirrors are set off by a palette of solid materials designed to stand the test of time. Using timber, metal and a specially formulated ultra-thin ceramic, it’s a simple, versatile concept that blends familiar silhouettes with innovative design thinking.

While drawing inspiration from classical shapes, Marcel Wanders studio was also keen to embrace a modern sense of style and functionality. Neoclassical design, cited as an important inspiration for the collection, creates a focus on “indulgence, intimacy, humanity and everyday utility” – all while calling to mind the poetry and romance of the past.

The collection tells a story of quality and craftsmanship, creating a refined version of a timeless style. “For the first time, the ultra-modern Saphirkeramik has been moulded into a classic and iconic form,” says Wanders. “This lightweight yet resilient material gave us the unique opportunity to celebrate the beauty of fine porcelain with elegant, soft lines.”