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Japandi Feel

London, UK

Owned by a young, environmentally minded couple, this London apartment was designed with eco-friendly materials and furniture at its heart

The founder of Natural Asthetik, interior designer Tom Lawrence-Levy, didn’t hesitate for a second to work on this 93sqm apartment located in the London neighbourhood of Bermondsey. He immediately embraced the challenge of shaping a home without carcinogens and toxins.

For Anthony, 41 — who has a background in low-carbon building design and renewable energy, and is the Global Net Zero lead for Accenture — these characteristics were key to the brief. “His main concern when designing the project was that everything in the home would be completely non-toxic, sustainable and even improve the air quality”, remembers Lawrence-Levy.

The main concern when designing the project was that everything in the home would be completely non-toxic, sustainable and even improve the air quality

A content manager for a luxury e-retailer, Josephine, 35, also had some specific desires for the home, such as her penchant for a Japandi look — a style inspired by a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics.

Both of Asian descent (Josephine has roots in Shanghai while Anthony traces his to Hong Kong), the couple also wanted to follow the principles of feng shui in their home. “They taught me that it’s important to avoid the number four, so we made sure that all the art, pillows, lighting, etc. were all set up or styled with two, three or five of the same item”, says Lawrence-Levy.

Furniture pieces that double as storage items add function to the space, which comprises three bedrooms (including one that is used as an office/study) and two bathrooms. “The home is open plan, although we had to remove a wall to open it up more because previously it felt a little narrow and constrained”, says Lawrence-Levy. Based on a mix of nude, white and natural wood tones, the palette provides a tranquil feel while being a nod to the colours of the architecture found throughout the neighbourhood. The use of curves and fabrics with natural fibres “to express the importance of keeping the energy of the rooms flowing,” says Lawrence-Levy, and to contribute to the serene atmosphere although the home is steps from the hustle and bustle of central London.

One of the most unique parts of this project lies in the creation of the furniture by Lawrence-Levy, including the coffee table that weighs over 1,600 pounds — and took a team of six to get positioned properly.

“When we began the project, we didn’t intend on customising all furniture”, says the interior designer. “We went shopping throughout London and realized how difficult it was to find products that were non-toxic. After exploring our options and what was available, we decided we had to go fully custom to get the look we were going for.”

A true moment of peace in the heart of the British capital, this home puts environmental consciousness at the centre of its design.