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Baxter’s first outdoor collection is a fluid amplification of the brand’s design values, based on extensive research into future-proof materials and contemporary colour moods

As previewed at Salone del Mobile this June, Baxter’s vision of decorating a home also encompasses the exterior. The Italian brand’s latest collection bridges interior quality and outdoor living, creating a holistic set of timeless products. By researching innovative materials, the renowned design brand presented outdoor furniture in future-focused fabrics, bringing the high-end quality of its interior style into the garden realm.

This inaugural outdoor collection was created in close collaboration with Baxter’s signature designers. Each piece is connected to the wider furniture family through a playful and unconventional design language. Roberto Lazzeroni’s wooden Himba chair, for example, echoes the sculptural silhouette of Brazilian design forms, while the Dharma table by Studiopepe plays with the ageless energy of geometric shapes. Their Narciso soft upholstered designs invite you to enjoy the comfort of their embracing shape and fabric, especially in the warm spring and summer months. While in the colder seasons, these designs display a reassuring scene when looking out into nature.

In an extensive study, Baxter investigated new structural forms, colour palettes and outdoor-oriented materials to facilitate this creative vision.

Baxter’s research also identified three contemporary ‘colourscapes’ that define the mood of the entire collection. Firstly, a distinctive blue best combined with nickel silver, camel oak and quartzite; secondly, a cream colour mixed with blue, polished brass and grey oaks; and lastly, an amalgamation of moss green with sultana and chocolate browns in combination with shiny cooper. The outdoor furniture is further punctuated by purple elements in the accessories, such as rugs and ceramics.

Ultimately, this new collection makes moving between indoor and exterior settings a genuinely holistic experience, in line with Baxter’s wider narrative of design flow and beauty.