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London, UK

With ongoing collaborations and a new London showroom opening, luxury rug company Tai Ping are manifesting their presence on the global stage

As bespoke carpet brand, Tai Ping, opens its latest showroom in London, its story continues to unfold with innovative rug collaborations. Launching its fifth new showroom in a year – including Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Shanghai – the addition of Tai Ping’s new South Kensington residence solidifies a commitment to top-tier craftsmanship on an ever-expanding scale.

The new space, adorned by Schotten & Hansen’s interior timber flooring, will present an assortment of new rugs from various collections, including atelier Yolande Milan Batteau’s ‘Callidus Guild Collection’, and some never-seen-before hand-knotted rugs drawing influence from the Himalayan valleys. Designed to be versatile and serene, these pieces infuse interiors with a quiet calm.

Meticulously crafted by artisans from environmentally-conscious materials, sustainability and the preservation of local craft techniques are at the heart of Tai Ping’s philosophy, which is centred on bringing a deeper meaning to luxury.

“We sometimes forget that the materials and methods of craft are dying arts all over the world, and to keep those methods of making alive requires special people,” Batteau says of her collaboration with Tai Ping’s design and brand directors, Juliana Polastri and Ariana Massouh. “Tai Ping has a profound respect for the lineage of hand-knotted rugs and a real sense of the value of quality handmade goods, including their social and ecological impact,” she says.

Since 1956, Tai Ping has taken pride in owning their own manufacturing facilities and dedicating time to investigate the best sustainability initiatives for their work. A core belief in honouring traditional weaving techniques and maintaining rarefied knowledge of craftsmanship sets their products apart as not just ‘carpets’, but rather artworks grounded by integrity.

 The new hand-knotted inventory will be available in the new London showroom as well as online.