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Lakeside Living

Lake Como, Italy

Welcome to Baxter Lago, a private villa on Lake Como that invites guests to experience Baxter’s designs and first outdoor collection in a truly immersive way

For Baxter, furniture is more than household property, it is a vital ingredient for creating a home. At Baxter Lago, the Italian furniture brand explores the deeper meaning of home through a living exhibition of their latest designs in a restored lakeside villa on Lake Como. The interior curation encourages visitors to intuitively flow through the property, immersed in an elegant setting of Baxter classics. Culminating in a spectacular garden, which showcases the brand’s first outdoor furniture range, Baxter has created a mesmerising context for clients to witness the quality and beauty of their products.

Baxter Lago presents the home as a safe place to retreat, an oasis of care and affection, a setting to both rest and play. The lush green hills surrounding the house add a dramatic backdrop to the scene, each window reframing the landscape. These natural tones are mirrored in the colour palette of earthy browns, deep greens and dark-sky blues and amplified by the tactile sensation of each surface. Touching the smooth shiny Allure table, feeling the leather of the new Miami Soft sofa, each piece stimulates the senses and evokes an emotion, reminding us that perception of high-end furniture goes beyond the visual.

The furniture selection illustrates how a specific design adds personality to a house, and corresponds to the different moods of the day. From the sheer scale of the Nairobi table, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, to the intricate handwoven details of the Himani carpets, each product creates an aura. The Nuvola lamp, designed by Draga & Aurel, adds an uplifting energy to the entrance, encouraging curiosity to roam the space. While upstairs the Stone bed by Federico Peri shows bedrooms as a retreat from the day’s activities.



Outside, enveloped in the breathtaking landscape of Lake Como, Baxter’s brand-new outdoor collection invites meditation and relaxation: The Keramiké table, an opportunity to journal and dream, the Dharma loungers by Studiopeppe, a welcome break to take in the botanical beauty. Ultimately, Baxter Lago is an immersive experience that taps into our human instincts – to touch, to dream, to create homes. It embodies a vision of living that unites grand architecture with raw nature, warm leather with soothing wood, offering a unique opportunity to feel what the brand’s Made in Italy trademark is all about: Creating quality furniture that shapes and defines the setting of our home lives.