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Forest Facets

London, UK

Words on Wood, an award-winning podcast by AHEC, gives a multifaceted view on how forests affect our lives

The architecture and design community – and in fact humanity as a whole – is intrinsically linked to wood. Just how much and why, is explored in-depth in a new podcast by the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC). The award-winning Words on Wood podcast investigates the timber industry’s current challenges and future potential from multiple perspectives with topics including illegal logging and the impact of wood on mental wellbeing. 

Today’s forestry success stories and challenges are spotlighted in expert interviews with leading scientists, conservationists and academics as well as established voices in the design scene, including Sebastian Cox, Formafantasma and Asif Khan. Known for ambitious collaborations with architects to highlight timber’s engineering might and sustainable features, AHEC’s podcast reveals the crucial role design plays in spearheading innovative and creative use of hardwoods.

In essence, Words on Wood examines the industry’s relationship with forests in open and frank discussions. Design journalists Kristina Rapacki, Oli Stratford and India Block host each episode by inviting two to three interviewees to reflect on their experience and insight into the complexities of forest governance. By connecting end products – from furniture to entire buildings – to the initial seed in the wood, the consequences of well-educated decisions are brought to light.

As a leading international trade association, AHEC is well positioned to connect expert voices on this complex and global issue in a fresh and accessible way. Season 4 highlights include Andrew Waugh, Director at Waugh Thistleton Architects, and Benchmark founder Sean Sutcliffe speaking to Dr Galina Churkina from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research about timber’s function for climate change.

Words on Wood is produced by Evi Hall. Episodes are released weekly and season 4 will be launching in the Spring. Listen and subscribe to Words on Wood on Apple podcasts, Spotify and on