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Vienna, Austria

A Viennese private members club takes its design cues from London with an eccentric mix of bold colour, pattern and texture

Interior designer Theresa Obermoser is based in London, but she also has offices in her native Austria, where she recently took on the interiors of a new members club located in the heart of Vienna. It’s located in one of the most historically important squares of the city, where the Dukes of Babenberg once built their residence in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Spread over nine floors and 1,000sqm, Am Hof 8 occupies a narrow medieval house that dates back to 1508.  It was conceived with the objective of sharing ideas between “like-minded people in the field of art, culture, business, but also everyday current affairs,” says the founder, Johannes Kattus. To respect this Grade III listed building, many elements were preserved during the renovation that pay tribute to the spirit of what’s here now and what came before.

Obermoser drew most of her inspiration from the history of Austria’s capital and London’s tradition of members clubs, while introducing an international twist for a fresh and stylish aesthetic.

“Vienna has so many beautiful architectural landmarks,” says Obermoser. “I wanted to bring them all in. The nightclub is an homage to the Schönbrunn Zoo and Palmenhaus Schönbrunn greenhouse with wild animal prints and lots of exotic plants. We added a disco ball installation to create a party vibe as soon as the sun sets.”

Vibrant tones and sophisticated detail characterise the spaces that all have wildly different schemes of colour and pattern, to create a journey through the decor. The ground floor bird bar, bedecked in rattan with Calacatta viola marble, features grass green and blush pink, while the first floor brasserie combines oak with beige travertine and baby blue velvet. The second level is home to a blue lounge and a wild meeting room. Five hotel rooms (ideal for international members or local members’ guests) occupy the third floor and a shared workspace with parlour games is on the fourth floor. But the pièce de résistance is the rooftop bar adorned with leather, Mortadello terrazzo and a medley of pastels.

A mix of rough and smooth textures created an alchemy in each space, where Obermoser used velvet, silk, linen, natural stone, ceramic tiles and aged brass alongside custom-designed furniture and wallpaper.

Imagined for a diverse and open-minded community made up of both creative professionals and established entrepreneurs, membership is selected by a committee of eight people after being recommended by three members.

“As it should be a home away from home for international members and a very exotic place for all local members,” says Obermoser, “it was important to create a bridge between both worlds.”